Breaths Technique

Giving breaths is an important technique of CPR but should not be administered before giving compressions to the victim. Always give compressions first.

Breaths are the act of breathing into the victim’s airway to fill the lungs with oxygenated air so that it is absorbed into the bloodstream then carried to the vital organs. Failure to administer breaths would mean that the body is not receiving oxygen into the blood and though compressions may still be administered, those compressions would be pumped non-oxygenated blood to the vital organs, which is not ideal.

Here are the basic techniques of giving breaths.

  • • With the victim lying flat on their back, use both hands to lift the chin and push downward on the forehead to tile the head backward.
  • • With one hand, pinch the victim’s nose closed while hold the head back.
  • • Wrap your mouth around the victims and breath out into their mouth.
  • • Watch for the chest to rise.
  • •       If the chest does not rise, revert to step one.
  • • Allow the chest to return to its normal position before giving another breath.
  • • Give 2 breaths then return to giving compressions.

It’s important when giving breaths that you allow the chest to return to its normal position so that maximum new oxygen can be pulled back into the lungs.